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I’m Ali. YouTuber, Podcaster, and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Feel Good Productivity.

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About Ali Abdaal

Hey, I'm Ali Abdaal. I'm an ex-doctor turned YouTuber, Podcaster, entrepreneur and author. I've been creating YouTube videos for over 7 years and have a following of over 4 million over on my main channel.

My YouTube journey started over 7 years ago when I was studying medicine at Cambridge University, I was creating videos to help people pass the entrance exams (This is when I started my first business too). Since then, the channel has grown to over 4 million subscribers.

Nowadays, I make content aimed at helping people live their best lives and be more productive. Aswell as hosting my podcast, Deep Dive which has featured guests like Mr Whostheboss, Alex Hormozi, MKBHD, Grace Beverley, Tiago Forte, Ben Francis and so many more.

I've been featured in all sorts of places, including The Times, Business Insider and Mens Health. I've also been a guest on a few podcasts like Diary of a CEO, Smart Passive Income, and the School of Greatness. I've even given a few talks on productivity and entrepreneurship, and have helped over 3000 people on their YouTube journey through my Part-Time Youtuber Academy.

If you want to learn even more about me and how I got started, there's a whole page here 🙂

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